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Venetian Leather 7000 Theater Seats

We strive to offer the best quality at the lowest possible prices and at the fastest possible shipping times. If you purchased from us, please leave some feedback so that we can share your comments with our future customers.

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Don S (Submitted on 10/2/2015)

Like an earlier reviewer, these surpassed our expectations. Superb quality, good design, great comfort and very attractive to the eye.

We purchased the manual recline model which is not stocked and thus the order took some time to be delivered. (We were told this in advance)

Highly recommended.

Don S (Submitted on 9/13/2015)

We received and set up our Venetian Leather 7000 seats this week and could not be more pleased.

We chose the Venetian Leather first off because their general appearance met that of the seats we had purchased some years ago, the first (and far more heavily used) 1st row of which had worn out.

That earlier set was so-called "bonded leather" which looked beautiful when new but which did not hold up as well we had hoped to heavy, daily, use. The Venetian Leather seats, we expect, being full leather, will hold up better.

What we did not anticipate was the greatly superior over-all quality of the Venetian Leather seats the greater comfort, the finer hardware. Now we wish had had five of these!

We chose the non-electric version, preferring the ability to immediately be upright for when the phone needs to be answered and such. For those considering such, while it is true that these do not set into every position, they are firm enough in any setting between upright and truly reclined to be comfortably and securely usable there.

Basically then we could not be more pleased with the Venetian Leather 7000 seats. They are beautiful, comfortable really everything we could have hoped for. With the added plus of useful storage and those cool, easily attachable, mini-tables (which store out of sight in the arms).

Just wonderful! And a good value too.
Mo (Submitted on 12/7/2014)

These seats surpass my expectations in comfort and quality. I was told the chairs had to be made up. I had to wait about 9 weeks for delivery. But it was worth it. The lights under and in the cup holder look great everyone compliments on how well the chairs look. I am 6''''5" and they are very comfortable for me. My feet stick out in the lounge position but they are still relaxing. I have fell asleep several times watching TV in the Venetian Theater chairs. The Leather is top quality and looks great in my Theater Room. Would recommend the Venetian highly.
Mo T (Submitted on 11/14/2014)

The chairs are great well worth the wait. It took over 11 weeks for the chairs to come and one of the plugs had to be replace. The first day I fell asleep in the chairs. I am 6''''5" and they fit me in the lounge position. The with is great for a large person as well. I would recommend the Venetian chairs highly. I got the manual recliner because of the young kids.