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The Cavallo Verse Theater Seating comes equipped with all of these features:
Product Dimension
Product Specifications
More Information
Upholstery Material 7 Available Materials
95+ Colors
Quality High Quality Materials and Construction
Row Style Straight or Curved
Adjustable Power Headrest No
Adjustable Power Lumbar No
Cupholder Type Optional, Blue LED Lighting
Recline Mechanism Power Recline
Power Amperage Standard 110v Plug
Footrest Padded Footrest
Wallhugger Yes, 7" Required For A Full Recline.
Armrest Height 25"
Armrest Style Padded
USB Charging Optional USB Charging Power Recline Switch, 1 Per Seat
Easy-Off Backrest Yes
Baselighting Optional, Blue LED Lighting
Item SKU
More Information
Frame Construction Hardwood, softwood and engineered wood
Frame Joint Construction Blocked Reenforced, pinned & glued
Springs Sinuous Coiled Springs
Foam Type High Resilience w/ Cool Gel
Foam Density 2.2 Density Memory Foam
Weight Capacity 350 lbs. Per Seat
California Residents WARNING, Proposition 65 Notice
Product Description

Cavallo Verse Home Theater Seats

The Cavallo Verse, similar to its sister chair, the Cavallo Symphony, is a passionately-handcrafted seat in a razor-sharp form ready to be customized by you from over 95+ colors and 7+ materials. The verse is does not feature piping like the Symphony, which allows it to embody an even sharper outline with perfectly geometric shapes. Despite its rigid appearance, the Verse was designed with absolute comfort and luxury first and foremost in the engineering process. Its cool gel memory foam and top of the line upholstery options leaves the body supported, soothed, and cool. The seats body wraps around the curvature of the armrests' elegant angles; meanwhile within this home theater seats body are layers of multi-tiered padding that supports every touchpoint on your body in perfect harmony. It features wall-hugger seating, affording it the capability to be enjoyed in recline within even the tightest of spaces; no matter how close you are to the wall.

Enjoy the luxury of this home theater seat, sit back, relax, and rest easy.

Cavallo Fabrics

Fabric is a sterling choice for those looking for a multi-purpose material that offers a diversity of options to choose from. Fabric is renowned for projecting an informal, laid-back feel that is both warm and inviting; more than any other material, it reminds one of the comforts of home. It is not limited by this reputation, however, as it can be fashioned into a dazzling array of texture, color, and pattern choices that can combine to mimic other fabrics with ease. The tough, resilient texture of burlap and the soft, velvety touch of suede can be equally replicated using fabric, at an outstanding value. Grade one of the Cavallo fabric series features solid colors like Dove, Pewter, Navy, and Ocean, which will drape over your home theater seat with an elegant grace. At the same time, light differences in grain and stitching give each choice a distinctive flair. That distinctiveness extends into grade two of the fabric series, which focuses on a wide array of attractive pattern designs. Stripes, diamonds, cowhide, and zebra shapes, combined with their variations in color and texture, will be sure to match any individual taste and style needs.

Cavallo Bonded Leathers

Bonded leather is a convenient and popular means of conferring the look, texture, and feel of top-grain leather, at a fraction of the cost. This material is composed of a polyurethane-leather hybrid that combines the advantages of both elements, into one stylish and durable whole. The polyurethane base lends it a smooth, polished look that is easy to maintain and provides an outstanding value. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove any soiling or dander, and your seat will stay in great condition for years to come. The addition of genuine leather elements imparts just the right amount of texture for a feel that mimics the distinctiveness of top-grain leather; choose from a variety of attractive colors that will match your home theater's decor. Bonded leather is perfect for those looking for a great value, without sacrificing the basic elements which make leather a prized material in the home theater universe.

Cavallo Leathers

GRADE 7000
This high-quality grade of leather drapes around the front area of the chair to impart a luxury ambience. This leather is painstakingly chosen from the top third of all hides and then buffed to a smooth perfection, for an exceptional softness and pliancy. The look, feel, and even aroma of grade 7000 leather will instantly catch all of the senses for an opulent, all-in-one experience. As with all grades of full-grain leather, this material only improves in texture and patina over time, conforming to your body's natural contours as it ages. A series of rich, handsome color choices in solid shades will lend your theater seat a commanding tone.

GRADE 7500
This leather grade is similar to Leather 7000, in that it is chosen from only the finest hides and then buffed to remove all imperfections. It drapes around the entire chair, for a total immersion in sensual, extravagant style. As with 7000, it also comes in a range of delightful color options, from Almond to Scarlet, to suit your individual needs.

GRADE 8000
This grade of top-grain leather is one of the finest available, with a supreme texture and consistency that is developed out of an elaborate manufacturing process. First, this material is constructed from environmentally sound principles that are designed to minimize waste and pollution. Only the finest hides are chosen for their thickness, durability, and soft pliancy, and then submitted to a special protective finish that incorporates a special blend of waxes. This gives the 8000 grade a gorgeous, pearlized patina that will dazzle the eye, even as it cradles the body in comfort. This leather's unique shine extends to its plentiful array of color options, in special shades designed to enhance your chair's luster and make it the centerpiece to your home theater.

GRADE 9000
Leather 9000 is a world unto is own, a grade of leather that will tell your friends and family that you went all-out to create the ultimate home theater seat. This top-grain leather is similar to the 7000 and 8000 series in that it is taken from only the most supple, durable hides and then royally polished using a blend of aniline dyes and waxes. In addition, an environmentally sound manufacturing process ensures that the end result minimizes waste and pollution. The result is an exceptionally thick (1.2-1.4 mm) material with one of the richest, deepest textures on the market. An even-pebbled grain provides full consistency, lending each color choice an incredible patina. You will certainly feel the difference as you sink into the 9000, which only improves in look and texture over time.

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